Posted on: Friday, November 06, 2015

Amsterdam: Day 1 ootd

day 1 in amsterdam was gorgeous
hat - h&m 
we stayed at 'volkshotel', it was the coolest, most hip hotel ever
coat - zara
spent most of the morning at 'museum plein' in the central part of amsterdam
view for breakfast at volkshotel
leggings - garage // turtleneck - h&m
shoes - nike free 5.0
a is amsterdam (and adventure)
my favourite person

Posted on: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Albufeira, Portgual: Day 7 + ootd

Day 7 was our last full day in Albufeira, so we spent the day at the beach and in the old town doing some shopping and going out for lunch at the cutest little restaurant called Ricardo's Pizzaria. I had a simple outfit for the day, just a halter neck top, denim shorts and a baseball hat, as it was quite humid and really hot so I wanted something cool to walk around in. After spending the day out in the market in the old town, we went back to our hotel to pack for tomorrow morning's early flight and then out to dinner. I didn't end up taking any pictures for our last meal out, but we went to a cool restaurant called Bank which had an adjoining club/bar in it. I had such an amazing holiday, the perfect mix of downtime and going out in the evenings, and with such great friends - Albufeira was amazing.  The following day we were up ridiculously early to catch the coach to the airport and fly home so I don't have any pictures of our journey back. 

last full day
sunglasses // hat // clutch
fisherman's beach
halter top // shorts // sandals

Posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Albufeira, Portugal: Day 6 + ootd

Day six of the trip was incredible as we had booked an excursion through Thomson to spend the day on a catamaran along the Algarve coastline. The day started by taking the boat along the coast to some caves and to a private beach to have a bbq lunch. On the private beach we were able to snorkel, swim and lay in the sunshine, but we paid a bit extra to be taken out on speedboats which went at crazy fast speeds and whipped us around. The colour of the water and the caves were absolutely stunning, I SO wish I had a waterproof camera or a go-pro with me. We had the best day and spent the last few hours of the boat trip laying on bean bags at the front of the boat in the sunshine - but be warned wear loads of sunscreen, I re-applied sunscreen loads but I still burnt quite badly so queue the lobster girl pictures. (In the photos, I am wearing the darkest foundation I had with me, but the colour of my chest and back was so pink compared to my face I look a bit silly, so enjoy)
the algarve coast 
sunglasses from a stall in 'old town' albufeira
top // kimono // shorts
the coast was stunning
bikini top // bottoms
lying on the bean bags at the front of the boat 
my gorgeous friends 
 speedboat rides
best day of the trip
 josie top // shorts, anna top //shorts
enjoy my sunburn 
a great end to a great day

Albufeira, Portugal: Day 5 + ootd

From yesterday's post, you can tell that day 4's night out was quite eventful, this meant that day 5 was a very chilled day. We all woke up quite late, like midday, and ended up mainly just chilling out by the pool and tanning. However we decided to go out for a meal in the evening, but not stay out too late because we had booked a boat trip for the following day (that post will have loads of pictures). From the lack of pictures of this day, I can tell I must of been exhausted haha oh dear. 

playsuit // shoes
going to dinner
alex & i xx

Posted on: Sunday, July 19, 2015

Albufeira, Portugal: Day 4 + ootd

Day four of our trip was another chilled out pool and town day; we tanned by the pool midday then went to a small supermarket to buy some more groceries as our apartments were self-catered.
As quite a naturally pale person I knew I was not going to tan that much over the holiday so in most pictures I still look quite pale, however after day four I burnt my back and looked very pink in all the photos taken in the evening - explaining why I wore a leotard as my back hurt to wear anything too tight. We decided to alternate our nights out in the 'old town' and the 'new town' / the strip , so this time we were at the strip where we had another great evening with lots (and I mean lots) of dancing.

there are red peppers and broccoli somewhere underneath everything I promise
forever pale
 (sunglasses - but do not recommend as these were my second pair
and they broke just like the first ones)
leotard // skirt // shoes
dancing on the bar  
making friends with the barmen 
definitely can tell I am a dancer .... haha

Albufeira, Portugal: Day 3 + ootd

After the previous nights' events we were quite tired for our third day, so we spent the majority of the day by the pool tanning, reading and playing cards. When I was tanning, apart from listening to music, I really enjoyed listen to WBEZ Chicago's Serial podcast and reading the new shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella. In the evening, after getting all dolled up, we decided to go out for a meal at a lovely restaurant called Urban Pizza (I highly highly recommend their carbonara haha) and then go for a few drinks. Our supposed 'chilled' night out ended being wilder than we thought, but we all had an amazing time in the 'old town'.

how we spent most of our day 
eyeliner // lipstick
top// shorts // shoes 
my gorgeous friends 
sunset at fisherman's beach 
the portu'gals' (and portu'guy')

Posted on: Saturday, July 18, 2015

Albufeira, Portugal: Day 2 + ootd

The second day we decided would be a beach day, so we walked down to the beach and essentially lay tanning for most of the day (I promise we all wore lots of sunscreen) and swam in the ocean, which was amazing. It was so hot, just over 35 degrees so the ocean was gorgeous to swim in to cool off. After the beach, we came back to the resort, and showered and chilled out for a while, before cooking dinner. As there was 9 of us in total, and 3 in each apartment, we cooked in our three's but ate on the patio all together. Then we all got dressed up and had pre-drinks before hitting the 'new town' and the strip for a bit of nightlife. 
view from our friends' upstairs apartment, the other two apartments were ground floor
bikini top // bottoms 
fisherman's beach
top // shorts // shoes

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